Dreams that come true: Alejandra's entrepreneur story


 no matter where they come from, every entrepreneur that starts off a small business in Brisbane will face the same challenges




A lot has been said about the self-driven spirit of Latin Americans. Some of them are known for how hard working they are, whilst others receive recognition for their great business ideas and their commitment as business owners.



The truth is that no matter where they come from, every entrepreneur that starts off a small business in Brisbane will face the same challenges. The trick is assessing those difficulties with courage and following the basic principles of business management.



Most experts in Management advise to give priority to problem solving, leadership, team building and customer targeting. These concepts might sound strange if you do not possess any Management background but they are summarized into good communication and effective leadership.



Alejandra Utrera, from Venezuela, is aware of the challenges you will face when starting a business. In March last year, Alejandra witnessed Arepa House food business come to reality, and since then she has learnt the importance of an optimistic but realistic approach as she states: “…perseverance and being positive. The essence is to love what you do and not to lose the purpose of your labour. All beginning is difficult but never impossible”.


Most stories of success start when someone sees an opportunity and they fill that need for your product. “I had lots of reasons for starting my business, when i arrived in Brisbane in 2011  I could appreciate the amazing things in here,  such as the lovely people, nature, a well organise city.. However, for a cosmopolitan city, there were so few Latin foods available, and nothing from my country. So I wondered why can’t we have arepas in Brisbane, it will be great!  I can show to this beautiful city a little bit of my country and they can also try the healthy and delicious food from Venezuela” Alejandra says.



Having a great product or service to offer is paramount, and never be too content with what you are achieving, as she recalls: “We serve real Venezuelan food with the freshest traditionally prepared ingredients. My goal is to offer Brisbane the same flavours as they would have in Venezuela. In Venezuela each state is famous for their own traditional type of Arepa, we offer all the traditional flavours prepared to the original recipes, the food is delicious and fun to eat”



In the meantime, many Latinos keep finding that independent source of income in Brisbane and just like Alejandra advises: “always understand all the rules and government departments. I have found it best to call the local council in particular, as they are very helpful in discussing their requirements.”




By Janeth Taborda