Infected Queensland truck driver raises concern amongst the community

3 September 2021

By Valeria Lasso


Logan truck driver returned to Queensland on August 28 and circulated for about five days before testing positive. 


Exhaustive contact tracing has been underway in efforts to keep cases contained. 



A list of exposure sites has been released, these include but are not limited to, the BP service station/truck stop in Archerfield and the BP service station at 11/11 Cunningham Highway in Goondiwindi.


Anyone that has visited these places displaying any symptoms is being urged to get tested as soon as possible as it has been confirmed to be the Delta variant the driver is infected with. 





Jane Halton, Chair Professor of Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness said “We have to be realistic,”


“This is very, very infectious and we know in Victoria, where they literally closed down the whole state when they had about one case,”


But as of 9:50 am today there have been no new reported cases in Queensland and we maintain the 18 contained active cases. 


The upcoming days will be crucial in deciding what course of action the state will need to take to contain and prevent the further spread of cases.