Q&A - Multicultural relationships

By Stef LZ

23 November 2021


I’d like to share the questions I asked Sean, my Australian partner, with who I’ve been in a relationship with for the last 5 years.


1. Where are you from and where is your partner from?

I'm from Logan on the Southside of Brisbane and my partner is from Bogotá, Colombia.



2. How did you two meet and How long have you been together?


We met at 7/11. Who said romance is dead? We’ve been together for 5 years.


3. How is falling in love with someone from a different nationality? Are there many cultural differences?


I hadn't thought about it too much. I was initially attracted to Stef by her beauty and accent. I was lucky to find that she was beautiful on the inside too. 

I love different cultural experiences and learning new things. I've been lucky to visit Colombia twice now. I loved the people, food and culture. I have found Colombians to be passionate, loyal and happy people.



4. What’s the best part of being in a multicultural relationship for you?


The best part being I now have a family and place to call home in Colombia.



5. What’s your favourite cultural feature about your partner?



Her beautiful brown skin.


6. What has been the most difficult thing about being in a multicultural relationship?


It hasn't been too difficult. Just communicate well and really listen to one another.



7. Have you ever not understood each other?


Yes of course. But we get there in the end by being patient with one another and realising we are both good people and just want to be happy.



8. Have you ever been considered ‘cold’ by your Colombian partner?


Not 'cold' as such but definitely too laid back and lacking passion at times.



9. What’s your least favourite cultural feature about your partner?


There's nothing culturally I have a problem with. 



10. What do you think of the misconception of overseas people being with Australians only for the VISA?


I don't know if that's just a misconception. I'm sure some people do get into relationships for Visas. But I think you know deep down if it's true love or not. If you feel you're being taken advantage of, be honest with yourself and move on.



11. What advice would you give people that are thinking about being in a relationship with someone of a different nationality?


I would say, be patient with each other. On a few occasions, we have had arguments only to realise we were misunderstanding one another because of cultural differences. Be open-minded and go with the flow. You'll have fun and learn a lot on the way.