Astroworld Festival takes a twisted turn after the death of 9 attendees.

By Valeria Lasso

12 November 2021


On the night of November 5, a surge took place in the crowd as Travis Scott performed during the Astroworld Festival in Houston Texas. 


The surge occurred due to widespread panic among the crowd as they pressed towards the stage. This led to people trying to escape the crowd and in doing that causing people to trip and trample others. 


Nine people have been confirmed dead and several more are recovering from severe injuries. 





Different sources claim different things. According to Us Weekly, the response from Astroworld security and the staff was quick, and yet online personal accounts retelling the events from their experience is that they were all but ignored. There are also videos of fans getting up to the cameramen asking him to stop filming Scott and direct the attention to the issue and the camera guy ignoring them and telling them to get down and continue to film. 


But once the police department was made aware of the severity of the incident, the authorities rushed to the scene. According to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner they “had more security over there than we had at the World Series games.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that an incident of people being injured in Travis Scott’s concerts, as people have reportedly been incited by him to crowd surf, jump from balconies, and other unsafe activities, for which Scott has been reprimanded. 


Some accounts claim that Scott stopped his performance to ask what was going on, but the concert went ahead for a while longer so whether he was lied to about the severity of the issue or if he blatantly ignored it, is still and will probably remain unresolved. 




The rapper took to social media early the next day, sharing a statement of support, “Our hearts are with the Astroworld Festival family tonight — especially those we lost and their loved ones. We are focused on supporting local officials however we can.”


On Monday, November 8, Scott announced that he will be covering all funeral costs and will financially aid all those affected. He also partnered up with mental health organisations to offer therapy to help concert attendees and survivors of the incident deal with their trauma. 


The festival was canceled for its second day, while investigations took place and for public safety. 




The cause of the surge is still being investigated as well as the cause of all the casualties, ranging from suffocation to cardiac arrests.


There are also claims that drugs may have been involved as some individuals claim to being injected without their consent. But Chief of Police, Troy Finner, claims this is still under investigation. 


In light of the events and the possible neglect coming from Scott and the producing team, injured concert attendee Manuel Souza is suing the rapper and is seeking at least $1M in damages.