Gringo Media is the only online website targeting Latino’s in Queensland, the main focus will be on their media channel. Gringo media channel will link people from South America, Spain and Australia; it will be the main reference point for overseas Latinos, who are considering travelling to, or studying in Australia.

Users that enrol on the website’s online directory will be provided with a forum that they can use to connect to other enrolled members. Each user will have a profile that showcases personal information and insight into their daily lives and that of their friends. A social networking website has become a business phenomenon in the last five years. The Social Networking Website will use a high impact marketing campaign that will drive a tremendous amount of traffic to the website.

The Portal is designed for high quality entertainment and information focused on Latin life in Australia that why our website is modelled to have thousands of people access it on a daily basis.

FREE Access: some parts of the website will be free while other parts will require subscribing. The main focus of the website will be information for the Latin community in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Gringo TV- Will cover information and entertainment, we have broken this down into five categories

Gringo Sport: will cover articles about local amateur Latino soccer and rugby league teams, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Latinos Athletics and any sport which involves the Latino community.

Gringo News: will bring important up to date news in a professional manner to the Latin community such as reporting on complaints, volunteering, and assistance programs, social and sporting events.

Entertainment will cover Latino social events, interviews with touring and local bands and party goers, Latino dancers, school events and the Latino markets.

Face to Face: will a program that will interview important and influence people from the Latino community covering historic events regarding Latino life in Australia and their own experience.

Language class: will be a program conducted in partnership with the University of Queensland in St. Lucia. The class program will teach Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Gringo Magazine - The bimonthly magazine will be an extension of the website reporting on local people, businesses and events within the community. The magazine will be free and free copies are available at our distributions points. To view the magazine online you will need to subscribe to the website.
Although our target audience are readers from Latin America, it will be published in English, and much of the content will be of a general nature geared towards local and international students, which will broaden its appeal to not only the Latino community.

Subscriber Access: It costs $10 a month to access the full content on our website. Our subscribers can see Gringo Magazine online and are able to download it and photos on the photo gallery and watch the full Gringo TV programs. Subscribers can join our promotions and events, and also receive promotional gifts from our partners, sponsors and the Gringo Media Network.