Social network Orkut will terminate its activities

Old users will have a period to recover data


Orkut, a social network that was very successful in Brazil (with over 30 million users only in the country), are in their final days.

Even Büyükkökten Orkut, Turkish engineer and creator of the network that gave his name to the site, has already closed accounts.


Of all the reasons for the termination of Orkut, the main one is that Facebook has conquered the world quickly.

Even those who already had an account in the former social network opened another one in Facebook, even though it has many similar features, leading many people to abandon the Orkut.


Google, owner of the social network decided that users can not open a new account in Orkut from this month (July), and the old users will have a period to rescue their data, photos and messages.

To facilitate, a tool was created to transferring data from Orkut to Google+, Google's social network.


 By Deise Cavignato