Yes, we have Snow in Victoria!



During the winter in Victoria, in the months of July and August, a small city called Mount Buller, located 208 km east of Melbourne, receives numerous visitants looking for skiing and snowboarding activities.

Just three hours drive from Melbourne, Mt Buller is the perfect place for a day’s escape. 

The Village in Mt Buller also has a wide range of accommodation options, relaxation and also bar and restaurants.


Andre Nesti, Brazilian, 28, has visited Mt Buller a few times by himself and recommends it for everyone.

“The best time to go, in my opinion, is between July and August, when the snow is good for skiing and snowboard.

You can buy your own equipment here in Melbourne or also rent at Mt Buller.

It is your choice”, he explained to Gringo.


This month, for all the students who want to visit this amazing place, the Brazilian tourism agency Mais Australia is organizing a trip to Mount Buller.

“This trip happens on 19/07 and everyone can book on our website”, said Tatiana Ribeiro, Manager of Mais Australia. 

The trip departs from Melbourne CBD at 05:45 am and arrives around 08:30 pm.

It is recommended to wear warm clothes which provide insulation from the cold.


By Valter Ribeiro