Concession Card fines to rise: Grace period ended last week, new controls implemented in Brisbane



From Wednesday 1st of July a new system is being implemented for Tertiary Students using Public Transport. The changes were made after being established that almost a 50% of travellers on concession card are not eligible to use the Tertiary Transport Concession Scheme.


The new Concession Card is being implemented as a strategy to prevent Queensland travellers from pretending to be full-time uni students. This means that the previous Go Card for Uni Students is not valid without the TTCC (Tertiary Transport Concession Card) and students will be required to produce three cards when using public transport in Queensland: Student ID, Go Card and TTCC.


To apply for the TTCC, students need to download a form from Translink, fill it up, get it authorized by the education provider and forward it again to Translink. Processing time could take up to 15 business days. According to the Courier Mail, travellers without the respective cards could face fines of up to $227



To download the TTCC form go to


By Janeth Taborda